Citgo Kanner Highway Remediation


Kelly was the Project Manager for this multi-phase site assessment and remediation project at a former gas station/auto repair facility located in Stuart, Florida. The site owner entered into a voluntary cleanup agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) under the preapproval program.The site was developed in the late 1970s with two (2) buildings and four (4) underground storage tanks (USTs). In the late ‘90’s all four (4) USTs were excavated and removed from the site (by others), however, resultant environmental contamination was not addressed at that time. Over 10 years later, various contamination assessment activities were resumed and completed at the site designed to delineate the extent of petroleum contamination since groundwater contaminant concentrations were continuing to rise and offsite migration onto Kanner Highway was observed. In particular, Kelly completed a complex soil assessment over a two-day period to evaluate both the vertical and horizontal extents of petroleum impacts that appeared to be bound up in the soil. Areas of high contaminant concentrations were identified in the saturated zone in two separate areas of the site confirming the suspicion that source areas remained at the site.

A Limited Scope Remedial Action Plan (LSRAP) was submitted to FDEP. The environmental remedial design included: excavation (source removal); application of enhanced aerobic bioremediation technology to the groundwater; backfill, compaction, and site restoration; and implementation of a Post Active Remedial Monitoring (PARM) plan. Excavations were completed in two (2) separate locations at the Property. This site is currently under PARM monitoring. Offsite migration has attenuated and the groundwater contaminant concentrations are decreasing.