Ft. Lauderdale Green Airport Initiative


Several years ago, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners and the Clean Airport Partnership, Inc. (CAP) and its team of subcontractors, implemented a Green Airport Initiative plan at the Ft. Lauderdale /Hollywood International Airport. The initiative is designed to help the airport improve environmental quality and operational efficiency, and become a community model for sustainable development. The first task under this contract was the preparation of an environmental footprint for airport operations.

As a CAP team member, Kelly Eger was one of two lead contributors to the water portion of the environmental footprint development. Potential direct and indirect sources of environmental impacts to the groundwater and storm water media at the airport were examined. In addition, potable and non-potable water conditions were examined to establish a baseline of current uses which, with the implementation of better management practices and water saving devices, could be reduced. The purpose of this project was to provide the Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) with choices on how to lessen the impact on natural resources and to examine the potential effects of those choices compared to the economic requirements of their implementation.

The scope of this project included a baseline assessment which was submitted to BCAD documenting the airport’s environmental footprint with respect to water. Water use, storm water and groundwater quality were evaluated. With the conditions at the airport continually evolving, a proactive approach was necessary to handle future water use needs and to offset the ever decreasing availability of quality potable water. The two most significant recommendations from the assessment were efficiency upgrades to the current irrigation system to reduce the amount of non-potable water consumption and the installation of water-conserving bathroom facilities (i.e. waterless urinals, low flow sinks,) to reduce the potable water consumption at the Airport.