Lakes of Inverrary Condominiums


Kelly served as the Project Manager for this site assessment project at a residential condominium complex in South Florida. An initial Phase II environmental site assessment was completed to investigate soil and groundwater impacts associated with a former underground storage tank located at the site. The fuel tank was associated with an emergency generator system at the complex.  Field soil screening was performed and, based on the results, groundwater monitoring wells were installed within the area of concern to further evaluate the extent of petroleum impacts. Groundwater monitoring wells were installed at three depths to evaluate the potential vertical migration of the contaminants.

Soil screening was conducted with an organic vapor analyzer and results indicated that no petroleum impacts were present in the unsaturated zone.  No free product was observed in the monitoring wells, but petroleum impacts were detected in groundwater samples collected in the intermediate depth groundwater monitoring wells.

It was concluded that concentrations of petroleum constituents were within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) Natural Attenuation default criteria so quarterly monitoring was approved to assess if the natural attenuation processes would mitigate concentrations to below Groundwater Cleanup Target Levels. Concentrations of the contaminants did gradually decrease.