Wekiva Parkway Environmental Site Inspections


AEC completed environmental inspections of more than a dozen sites located along the Central Florida Expressway (CFX) portion of the Wekiva Parkway in Orange County, Florida. AEC’s work was in support of the ongoing engineering design and right-of-way acquisition efforts for the Wekiva Parkway and was developed to supplement the Level 1 Contamination Screening Evaluation Report (CSER) completed years prior. A number of sites located within the corridor had long histories of agricultural use; therefore, the potential for environmental impacts warranted further investigation. AEC examined the CSER Priority 1 & 2 sites to update the current use and determine if Level 2 assessments were needed. AEC completed a Level 2 soil assessment at one site to evaluate potential agrochemical and petroleum product impacts. Composite soil samples were collected at depths to 2 feet below land surface and were analyzed for organochlorine pesticides, PCBs, herbicides and 8 RCRA metals. Very low concentrations of several analytes were reported, however, all were below State soil cleanup target levels (SCTLs).