Project: Spellman Engineering

Spellman Groundwater Treatment Operation and Abandonment

Client: TetraTech for the City of Orlando

environmental consulting spellman site

In 2017, American Environmental Consulting began working with TetraTech and the City of Orlando at the former Spellman Engineering site located at 722 Brookhaven Drive in an area of Orlando known as Ivanhoe Village. In the 1960’s Spellman Engineering performed parts cleaning using a trichloroethene (TCE) based solvent called Tri-clene – a powerful, all-purpose rust inhibitor for removing grease. In 1992, area-wide TCE groundwater contamination was identified by the EPA and the contamination was traced back to the former Spellman Engineering site. From 1992 to 2004 the City of Orlando conducted a series of voluntary investigations that defined the extent of the TCE contamination plume and delineated it as approximately 40 acres. They also evaluated the potential risks associated with the contamination and evaluated cleanup alternatives. As such, the site is an EPA-listed site and is located within the Deeds Orlando Expanded Brownfield Area and former Spellman Engineering/Lake Highland Brownfield Area.

A groundwater remediation system was put in place and various remedial strategies have been employed at the Spellman site over the years, including chemical and molasses injections. For several years, as a subconsultant to TetraTech, AEC has provided technical support, data evaluation, and operation and maintenance of the groundwater treatment system. Based on sampling events indicating very little reduction in the contaminant levels, the City of Orlando changed its strategy in 2021. At that time, AEC began working on a phased approach to properly abandon the extensive underground groundwater remediation system that extends from the Spellman site onto neighboring properties including Lake Highland Preparatory School.

AEC’s scope of work has included removal and cleaning of the molasses tank, removal of associated plumbing, filters, pumps and piping, removal and disposal of concrete from well pads and vaults, removal of three (3) remediation trailers and ground surface restoration of the site.